We see the road levy fee as a cheat – Mr Asante

The Regional secretary of a pressure group in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region, Mr. Richard Asante has expressed his dissatisfactory on the new Levy Toll that is about to be passed as a law in Ghana.
Speaking to Markk Radio morning show hosted by Aboagye Docas, Mr. Asante believes as a driver when your car break down on the road it is your responsibility to get it fix else that Driver must face the court punishment so the levy toll fee is not important.
” They are not in support with the initiative that the Government of Ghana is about to be a law in Ghana, we told them at first of the same issue and they said they are going to think about it and get back to us, son we were hoping for the best for Ghanaians. We just heard that our advice and decision has been abolished by them and he are about to pass it by Parliament to become a law. But our position in this matter still remains the same we see it as a cheat.”
Parliament brought a law call Road Safety Actin 2004 which the Ghana Police Service is working with it which shows that when your car develop a fault on the Road, it your Responsibility as a driver to get it fix if not and through your faulty car accident occurs, You will be sent to court to either pay fine or be in prison. With this there is no need for them to bring another law which there is an already a law. Mr. Richard Asante added
He went further to appeal to the President of Ghana and the ministers as a whole not entertain the Levy Tolling fees because the Ghana Police Service and the National Road Safety Commission has the tooling car so it is their responsibility to toll a car when it is at fault and if they hinder to his Advice they don’t have any option than to call on all the Drivers in the country to Demonstrate against the Government.
we believe the best way the Government understands issues now is by demonstration so we will called upon all the Drivers as well all car owners to be prepare for Demonstration if they Government bring that law. Mr. Asante Noted



source: markk radio news

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